Everyone on Your Staff Can Be a Part of Your Fundraising Success (Part 2)

Engaging The Whole Team

Your coworkers need your help if they are going to be part of the fundraising process. Here’s a quick tip that will get everyone prepared:

 EVERYONE on your organization’s staff should be able to do the following three things:MCj04413120000[1]

  1. Relate 2 or 3 important facts about their program or area of work.
  2. Relate a compelling story about work they have done with a client, member, volunteer, co-worker, patient, etc.
  3. Demonstrate how funding makes their work possible.

 These three bits of information will help your colleagues during a site visit, when they’re out in the community, or when their interacting with friends or family members.  These three things are easy to remember and work for any staff person, whether it’s the IT manager, the office receptionist, the CFO or the program staff.  Take the time now and help them to explore how they would respond.

 They can write them down on a card and keep it with them all the time, so they’ll never be at a loss when someone asks, “Tell me what you do.”


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