Keeping The Focus on Giving – Is Your Idea the Most Creative?

The new issue of News You Can Use focuses on how we can keep the topic of giving in front of our community throughout the entire year.  It goes beyond the normal year-end giving hype and the typical “Give Now” buttons on the web site.  It’s about reminding the public that contributions play an important part of a nonprofit’s ability to do its mission.

Ideas included 1) clearly linking funding to the various components of your mission, 2) using donor profiles and testimonials to get the word out, and 3) always remembering to openly thank the donors who make your work possible.

If you think you’ve got a unique, creative or innovative idea for keeping the topics of gifts and giving in front of the public, share it here.  Leave a comment and tell us what you’re doing to ensure that your community understands the role that contributions play.  We will make sure to share your ideas with other so that we can recognize your work and benefit from this virtual collaboration.


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