Keeping First-Time Donors As Part of Your Community

A couple of weeks ago I discussed the wide range of ways that donors are being driven to support various organizations around the region.  And it’s good to see that many of these efforts are being successful.  It’s important to remember, however, that you must work hard to keep these new donors.  You need to make every possible effort to ensure that these donors make that all-important second gift!

Here are a few ideas.  Some of these were included in our most recent newsletter from the firm. 

  • Host a special party, happy hour or gathering for first-timers; a “welcome to the family” event. Let these new donors meet each other. Chances are that one day, two or three of them will end up on a committee or your board, and their relationship will have started at that “thank you” event.
  • Ensure that new donors receive at least one informational communication before you contact them again for their next gift.
  • Create a special, tailored renewal appeal that refers back to how they made their original gift: “We were so glad you participated in Give to the Max…”
  • Don’t wait an entire year before you ask them again for support.
  • Review the list of donors and pull out high-dollar gifts (that could mean $100, $500 0r $1,000 — each organization is different) for further inspection and discussion.
  • Run an updated list of all of your donors on your organization’s website or in your organization’s newsletter. Tell your donors you will be doing this in your acknowledgement letter, so they will know to look for their name; plus, it will drive them to look around your website/newsletter and learn more about what you do!

Are there others you’d like to add??  What’s working for you??

Let us know.

Happy End-Of-Year Giving Season!


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