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Year-End Fundraising Tip – Highlight Your Button!

 (I just got this tip from my colleagues at AFP/DC at our breakfast seminar this morning, so I’m passing it along.)

 Here’s a quick tip for enhancing your year-end fundraising: 

 MCj04414240000[1]Starting November 1st, move your “Donate Now” button to a very prominent place on your organization’s home page. 

 Don’t make potential donors waste any time trying to figure out how to make a gift.  

If your “Donate” option is on the navigation bar, create a special button on your home page.  If you’ve already got a button, increase its size, change its color, etc. – whatever it takes to get it noticed.

 This may take a couple of conversations with your IT folks or with the Communications Department, but it will be worth it.  This will be especially true if your year-end appeals are driving traffic to your website.  Your donors will appreciate it.

 If you want, you can put your home page back to the way it was on January 1st.


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